The Castle of Light

The National Library of Latvia Foundation in collaboration with the National Library of Latvia (NLL) has released a new publication about NLL - The Castle of Light. The National Library of Latvia in English. 

For the first time, various aspects of the Library – its multi-functional character, symbolism of the architectural details and the uniqueness of its collections – are covered in a single edition. The Castle of Light depicts the Library as a place where interaction between architecture and collections, science and creative processes, technologies and personalities takes place. NLL is both the keeper of our cultural heritage and an urban spot for skaters.

The author of the text is Ieva Stare. The design has been created by Daiga Brinkmane.

“The building of the National Library of Latvia is a symbol of its people — a modern society still in touch with its ancient cultural roots. Culture is what makes us unique yet part of the European cultural space. Achieving excellence is a difficult path, like climbing a glass mountain — a metaphor encoded in the NLL’s architectural shape. After all, history has taught us that true freedom is achieved through intellectual and cultural enlightenment. This is why we call the library our ‘Castle of Light’ — the centre for the nation’s accumulated intellectual treasures, a hub for contemporary culture and exchanging information, and a platform where new ideas are born and nurtured, to be passed along to next generations.” (Excerpt from The Castle of Light. The National Library of Latvia)

The edition can be purchased in the Friends’ Room located on the ground floor of the NLL building in Rīga, Mūkusalas iela 3. Please contact the Foundation for further information:, +371 67843767.

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