The Glass Mountain

The Latvian National Library Foundation has published the trilogy, The Glass Mountain, by Vilis Inde. An English translation of Rainis’ play, The Golden Horse is at the heart of the trilogy Miķeļis Fišers provided illustrations. The translation is supplemented by a concise history of Latvia and Rainis’ role in Latvia’s freedom movement at the turn of the 20th century, as well as the symbolic significance of Gunnar Birkert’s architectural design of the new Latvian National Library building. The first book of the trilogy, Climbing the Mountain, provides a concise history of the complex and tragic events endured by the Latvian people, and how these continue to shape the Latvian nation. Rainis’ Zelta zirgs, The Golden Horse, one of Latvia’s literary treasures, is now available to a global audience. This tale of valor is filled with symbolism that is at the heart of the idenitity of the Latvian people and their fight for self-rule and independence. The third book, The Castle of Light, explains how Latvians understand the metaphors of the Castle of Light and the Glass Mountain in the architectural design of the new library. The trilogy guides the reader through a unified, but multi-layered story of Latvia. Although the publication is intended for a broad audience, it is dedicated to the younger generations of English-speaking Latvians of the diaspora so that they can understand their forefather’s roots. Kaija Straumanis and Tom Jacobs served as editors. Miķelis Fišers, one of Latvia’s most important contemporary artists, created the illustrations and Anna Aizsiliniece is responsible for the beautiful design of the trilogy. 

Please contact the Foundation for further information:, +371 67843767.

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